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  • New
    Piensa en Verde presents a phenomenal climate controller from SMSCOM with which we can regulate the crop extractors and that well supplied with 2 power outlets to use!!! It is a robust ventilation controller for two extractors and with only a consumption of 4.5 or 7 amps, being a simple and accurate to control and adapt the temperature necessary...
    90,00 €
  • New
    Discover in Piensa en Verde a new variety of beneficial fungi for plants that presents Advanced Nutrients, a mixture that will flood all the roots and thus take care of possible adverse effects that may concur!!! With this combination of fungi, lack of oxygen, pests and any kind of collapse in the roots will go down in history, as it avoids any kind...
    30,00 €
  • New
    Piensa en verde brings a new product of Advenced Nutrients, fungi beneficial to crop plants, made from a mixture of tricodermas and mycorrhiza. These beneficial fungi that we present, multiply by 7 the roots with which they will obtain hairs much more absorbent. It should be accompanied with the use of Voodoo Juice to obtain a greater supplement for...
    25,00 €
  • New
    Piensa en Verde brings a wonderful gel ideal for the cuttings that are harder to hold that presents Advanced Nutrients, and is the total solution for roots that just do not hold well, so applying the new gel can get a rooted perfect, obtaining powerful and robust plants, that will shorten the time of waiting when making cuts and wait to put it...
    23,00 €
  • New
    Piensa en Verde brings you a novel and potent enhancer for the flowering of the plants of the hand of the Canadian company Advanced Nutrients, with which we will obtain compact and very branched plants!!! Thanks to Big Bud the flowers in the flowering stage, they will give a lot of buds crammed together, causing them to form huge buds, which will be much...
    20,50 €
  • New
    We bring to Piensa en Verde a new fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients, an extraordinary fertilizer for crops on land outside and for hydroponics that will be a wonderful base for the correct growth of the plants of our crop and with which we will obtain corpulent plants, copious and with an amazing production that will be regulated with the...
    18,50 €
  • New
    Discover in Piensa en Verde a new fertilizer of Advanced Nutrients called Connoisseur Grow A + B, a perfect and wonderful fertilizer ideal to use in the stage of flowering and to obtain a fabulous harvest, and that through the technological system Ph Perfect we will achieve stabilize and achieve the Ph ideal for our plants. Ideal for all crops, where...
    18,50 €


What do we offer you? Everything about marijuana!

Different varieties of seeds that we put at your disposal (and, believe us, we are very proud of all of them, because we have selected the seeds of the best seed banks that exist in Spain and outside our country), through accessories and utensils, marijuana Medicinal and many other things.

It is a real pleasure to welcome you today and always. That is why we have designed our website so that your walk for it is extremely pleasant, easily find what you are looking for and, above all, enjoy the experience, your stay in it and the product that you take home.

We will be happy to help you with everything you need!

Through our blog on cannabis, discover tips, news and useful information about this exciting world we love, the world of marijuana.

Are you ready to Piensa en Verde ? Keep at the web, you are at home!

Marijuana seeds are our reason for being. Our journey has been long and exciting until you reach the large number of marijuana seeds that you can find nowadays in our online grow shop, being one of the most active and most successful cheap grow shop at the moment in our country and In great demand abroad

We take our work very seriously, little by little we have come to know the different companies that are dedicated to the creation and cultivation of this type of seeds to later select the best of each one of them.

Our main goal is to provide you with the best cannabis products that currently exist in the marijuana seeds market, because our goal is to help you get the products you need.

Feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, sativa, indian, high in CBD... look for the variety you need and, sure, will be in our grow shop online. But if it were not so, we will be happy to assist you, advise you and look for you. Ask us!

We want to keep growing every day and we want to do it with you.

If you are looking to buy cheap bulk marijuana seeds, you are in the right place

Ideal if you are a beginner or professional grower looking for a saving on the bill but you do not want to give up the quality as always.

PEV Bank is a good example. Our genetics are guaranteed and will give you very good results.

Additionally you have more than 3000 types of marijuana seeds different from the most recognized banks in the world. Dinafem, Sweet Seeds, Delicious Seeds, etc ... The ideal place to buy your favorite marijuana seeds.

Piensa en Verde is not only limited to the sale of marijuana seeds, we are a Grow Shop Online that puts at your disposal all the necessary materials so that your fondness to the cultivation of the sacred plant is of the most pleasant, with very varied prices for people like you, who access our grow shop can enjoy the fantastic world of marijuana, have the resources they have. Are you next?

Our aim is that once you know us, do not want to stop visiting us.

In this section you will find:

  • Lighting Kits
  • Growing cabinets
  • Extraction and ventilation devices, so that your plants always grow in the best possible climate
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Fertilizers
  • Odor Dispensers
  • Measuring instruments
  • Hydroponic and aeroponic culture systems
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides and acaricides to control pests and fungi.
  • ...
  • Do not miss our section of lands, with the best substrates to grow marijuana ...

    You have everything you need for your self-cultivation! Check it out!

And once you've cultivated your seeds, what are you going to do with the resulting product?

A thousand and one ideas come to mind!

That's why in our Head Shop section you'll find everything you need to enjoy and claim the world of cannabis.

DVDs and books to inform you about the world of marijuana, the best techniques, the tricks of the experts for the self-cultivation of marijuana and a myriad of curiosities about this exciting green world.

One world that allows you to do tasks of resin’s extraction, for which we have the necessary material to you to carry out. The same as to preserve or to benefit from the CBD you extract from the marijuana buds.

Grinders, electronic cigarettes or electronic cigarettes complete our product catalog. Find out for yourself!

Do you prefer to vaporize marijuana? This is your section!

A section in where you will find all kinds of vaporizers, spare parts and accessories to use. To make the marijuana vaporizing experience the best you can imagine. Enter Vapor Shop and give yourself the device that best suits your tastes.Enjoy the Vapor Shop! Vaporizing has never been more fashionable!

If we strive to have the best products in each of the different sections of the web, you can’t imagine the illusion that makes us have our own section CBD Shop. And is that if we believe in something Think Green is in the medicinal properties of the plant marijuana.

Of course, marijuana can bring us great moments of well-being, laughter or rest, but also, as long as you select well the type of Marijuana, will be the best and most natural tool to take care of our health and / or mental state.

Not in vain are more and more studies that demonstrate this, especially those related to reduce the symptoms of cancer or menstrual pain.

At the same time, the number of sick people who consume this plant in a controlled and regulated way to take care of their health or that of their children increases, as an alternative to treatments that are harder and have low or low results.

Oils and capsules Of CBD, foods with CBD or parapharmacy products are part of our CBD Shop section.

The aforementioned are the main sections of our store, but also we have other located at the top of our online grow shop that you will like, for example, the offers section, our blog, cultivation manual or our office to solve doubts.

Do you want to do your online order? Do you prefer to do telephone and not have to register on our website? We put at your disposal all kinds of facilities so that you can enjoy the world that we are so passionate about.

Piensa en Verde!!!

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