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Medical Seeds 

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    Devil Fruit of Medical Seeds. Indica plant structure due its heritage sativa flowering is a bit longer, finishing in about 65 days indoors. She doesn´t give the higher performance if its growth in places with slight light, because in this cases many leaves are growth. Its impact derives from its Indica part, beginning with a light brain touch which...
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  • No Name Offer!
    Medicinal cannabis seeds No Name of bank Medical Seeds. This strains has a Sativa structure but, actually it is not a long-flowering plant. Thanks to its junction with a very Sensi Star, we managed to have a flowering period of 55-60 days It has inherited the characteristic flavor of the "Cheese" with a distinctive sweet touch of licorice stick....
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  • White Widow from Medical Seeds, strain with very medicinal effect due to its high content in CBD, is suitable for treating many chronic diseases and injuries. The percentage of THC is moderate so it is the perfect medicine. Its scent is very pungent and heady, sweetness and acidity melts on your palate. It is sensational! . This mythical plant is...
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  • Jack La Mota Offer!
     Possibly the best known strains is seated within the Cannabis Scene International. It was created in honor of the famous activist Jack Herer. Ideal for growing in SCROG, produces long, compact buds. With intense aroma of incense, that we remember on this memorable night of sex ... flavor of your ancestors and northern light Skunk, a euphoric effect,...
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  • Prozack (Medicinal) Offer!
    Medicinal cannabis seeds Prozack of bank Medical Seeds. The genetics of this bushy-looking plant, with rock solid shoots, come from crossing a very famous Dutch strains (awarded several cups) and our best Kush, which increases production. Genuine high quality hashish flavour and pleasant, long-lasting effect. Known for its medicinal use. Its vegetative...
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  • Medicinal cannabis seeds Sour Diesel of bank Medical Seeds. One of the finest genetics available in current market. Originally Sativa, with clean and euphoric potent effect. but not very cerebral, it is the perfect allday long mate. Crossing our best Indica of massive production with Diesel, we increase production and shorten flowering period. Several...
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  • Malakoff Offer!
    Malakoff of bank Medical Seeds. With this strains sativas expand our catalog with another plant to give much to talk about, because it is a short flowering sativa that can not be overlooked sativa lovers. Not suitable for novice cultivators because if you lose a little, or the plant is stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to spin out of its...
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  • 1024 Offer!
    Piensa en Verde is proud to present 1024, one of the best varieties of Medical Seeds. The flowers of the cannabis plant, have high medicinal value, but also combines perfectly: taste, production, effect, is the perfect plant. 1024 is perfectly suited to all culture systems (organic, coconut, hydroponic ...). If conditions are optimal may exceed 23% of...
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  • Channel + Offer!
    Medicinal cannabis seeds Channel+ of bank Medical Seeds. Variety with a huge bouquet and an amazing aroma, ideal for growing SCROG It grows like a sativa, slender and with little leaf, when in bloom stretches like a lot but compact Indica and is very fast (45 or 50 days). Ideal for all types of growers, is perfectly suited to all farming systems. It's...
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  • Y Griega Offer!
    Medicinal cannabis seeds Y Griega of bank Medical Seeds. Plant growth begins with a dramatic force, and it is highly advisable to grow it in SCROG, because it becomes more manageable. Unlike other sativa, this plant surprises us with a robust production of buds, large and extremely resinous, covering all stems. In a gas chromatographic analysis by Canna...
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  • 2046 Offer!
    Feminized cannabis seeds 2046 of bank Medical Seeds. Selected for its incredible power psychedelic Haze smell and indisputable. It is the most powerful of our bank. Patience is needed to harvest this lady, but the reward comes in 120 days. Its culture is difficult and not suitable for growers, can only be grown in SCROG, or very tall crops fastened with...
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  • Y Griega CBD Offer!
    New version of the powerful Y Griega, Y Griega CBD of Medical Seeds, indica-sativa hybrid. With a ratio CBD: THC = 1:1. Ideal for medicinal use. This strain was obtained from the cross between Y Griega and a rich in THC potent strain, this strain have joined CBD Crew with Medical Seeds. Its effect is limited mind. Y Griega CBD is valid both for...
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  • Deep Neville regular Offer!
    Regular Deep Neville,  Medical Seeds launch in 2014 this new regular variety. This regular strain is obtained from the cross between Neville Haze X Deep Chunk Deep Neville produces plants with dark green leaves, which need little vegetative time due to its vigorous growth. Deep Neville is valid both for grown indoors and outdoors. Indoors the...
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    Piensa en verde and Medical Seeds presents a preview of the BCN Sour Diesel, if you like cannabis sativa plants, you're in luck. BCN Sour Diesel is a variety that grows vigorously, particularly remarkable for harvesting flowers cannabis resin impregnated with a blunt end, very active but without being too cerebral. BCN Sour Diesel is a heady Sativa,...
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  • Mendocino Purple Kush Offer!
    Mendocino Purple Kush, new variety of Medical Seeds.Medical Seeds are gathered together to create this amazing strain with some breeders of medicinal cannabis in Canada. This strain was obtained from a cross between two strains of North America Mendocino Purple X Purple Kush.Mendecino is part of the Emerald Triangle in California, an area where every...
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    Colection 1 Medical Seeds. Collector Pack with 6 Marijuana seeds varied. 2 marijuana seeds PROZACK 2 marijuana seeds SOUR DIESEL  2 marijuana seeds CHANNEL +
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    Colection 2 Medical Seeds. Collector Pack with 6 Marijuana seeds varied. 2 marijuana seeds 1024 2 marijuana seeds 2046  2 marijuana seeds Jack La Mota
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    Colection 4 Medical Seeds. Collector Pack with 6 Marijuana seeds varied. 2 marijuana seeds No Name  2 marijuana seeds Malakoff  2 marijuana seeds Devil Fruit
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    Feminized cannabis seeds Bluehell of bank Medical Seeds. Variety marijuana seeds created from original Blueberry DJ Short, selected for their production and flavor, with aromas of berries, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc.. One of the best indicator available in the market. Very medicinal effect. High concentrations of CBD, and moderate percentage of...
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  • Medicinal cannabis seeds Hammerhead of bank Medical Seeds.  Piensa en Verde wants to introduce this strains is not well known but we can assure you that will surprise Indica plant structure, fast growing and flowering. It is easy to grow and requires no special care facility is a very grateful because it is very productive, and the buds are...
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Medical Seeds
Medical Seeds is a Spanish bank seeds of marijuana appearing in early 2008 as a result of study and work with selected gene from the Netherlands, Canada and the U.S.. Since planning implementation ,this young bank stressed trying to offer varieties for therapeutic and medicinal use. No less striking is the package marketing their seeds,the first time you have before you will be reminded of the pills your mom used to have for a headache, it's great. The varieties offered by Medical Seeds are fully adapted to any climate. In their catalogue you can find from strains of marijuana pure Haze to crosses with selected mother plants, known varieties such as Blueberry, Northern Lights, Skunk, White Rhino, Medicine Man, Sensi Star, Cheese, Great White Shark, White Widow,Strawberry Haze,... Medical Seeds has won several awards in the Spanish cannabis scene since its inception .. Channel + has been the champion inside the Copa Ibiza 2009 and won the 3rd prize in the Djamba Cup 2009, in 2010 won first prize in extraction Spannabis cup and do not forget the first prize in 2008 in the same category in the Balearic cup .. The cannabis strain 1024 has won the 2nd place in the category of internal Zaragoza Cup and 3rd in Hydro category in Malaga Cup 2009. The variety of marijuana No Name was the indoor champion in Malaga Cup 2009. Since then. we at Piensaenverde can guarantee that Medical Seeds though young is well prepared!

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