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  • Vaporizers" Vaporizers
    This is a device that heats dried herbs at a given temperature without burning and releases...
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    In this category, you can find shampoo and gel flavored with hemp oil . Provides extraordinary...
  • Scales" Scales
    We offer different variants of precision scales: discrete scales, laboratory scales, bench scales...
  • Conservation Conservation and drying
    This section will teach you the most suitable items to keep our buds of marijuana in the most...
  • Extraction Extraction and filtration of marijuana resin
    In this section we offer several articles for the extraction and filtration of the resin of...
  • BHO BHO Accessories
    BHO, what is it? BHO, or also known in English as hemp oil, is the purest and most concentrated...
  • Peelers Peelers and cutters
    In this section you Piensa en Verde offers various tools to facilitate manicuring marijuana. We...
  • Grinders" Grinders
    Grinders are one of the most practical accessories because they help you in shredding the...
  • Objects Objects for Hiding
    In this section you will find objects for hiding your favorite stuff from prying eyes, they will...
  • smoking smoking accessories
    Les pipes sont utilisées pour tabac .Le tabac pour recevoir un traitement qui peut...
  • Electronic Electronic cigarrette
    Piensa en Verde creates for you this category with electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette...
  • The The Smonkey T-Shirts
    In this section you will find all the clothes and accessories related to the world of marijuana....
  • Dvd Dvd and books
    In this section we wanted to collect the best audiovisual material out there about marijuana. You...
  • If you need a grinder but run away from the traditional, this replica of a Hand-grenade, is perhaps fitting to your tastes.
    9,00 €
  • Amazed Pipe is one of the pipes for smoking marijuana, most famous in the world, made by the hand of RED-EYE. This pipe constructed of anodized aluminum, has a size of 82mm and weighing only 30g. It has an interior 320mm long circuit - maze - where smoke passes through in each puff, cooling it and filtering impurities. Operation is simple;...
    35,01 €
  • Metal grilles Red Eye can be used for almost any type of pipe or bong, especially for models like Amazed Pipe , making the filter function, preventing the passage of solid material through the conduit pipe, manufactured to a high quality. Packs of 5 grids 12.5 mm and 16.5 mm
    0,25 €
  • Mixing herbal WITHOUT NICOTINE, NO TAR and NO SNUFF. Now nonsmokers can enjoy the experience of water pipe smoking and for the health conscious smokers can enjoy hookah avoiding snuff and nicotine. The product is produced herbal and not snuff. Bags of 50 grams
    2,50 €
  • Now you can find lithium battery 350 mah Essenz, compatible with its range of electronic cigarettes Go, Fun, Single, Platinum, One and Maxi. Available in: Blue, Silver, Black, Purple, Yellow, Red, Pink and Green.
    9,90 €
  • Now on Piensa En Verde, you can buy the essence for electronic cigarettes flavored with strawberry, manufactured by the Spanish company Essenz. You can find vaping without nicotine fluids with different mg, of course at the best price in your trusted Grow Shop
    4,01 €
  • Ice-o-lator Small, a simple way to extract resin from the remains of our harvest with the help of water and ice. Only you have to put a mesh into each other and all these on a cube. Filled with ice and beat with a domestic blender. When draining mesh, resin been caught there, throwing out the remains of vegetable matter. You'll...
    40,99 €
  • The grinder quick V3 is the most practical, quick and easy to clean in the market. The only grinder with ejector, once crushed, both buttons are pressed bodies to run the system dump.
    33,50 €
  • Now on Piensa En Verde, you can buy the essence for electronic cigarettes flavored with amazing fresh mint, manufactured by the Spanish company Essenz. You can find vaping without nicotine fluids with different mg, of course at the best price in your trusted Grow Shop
    4,01 €
  • Offer!
    Now you've got at the best price 2 small filter replacement filters for smoking Splif STIK colors and chrome, they are also compatible with the new filters Joint Stik.
    7,60 € 8,00 €
  • Now on Piensa En Verde, we offer the best essences for electronic cigarettes, If you like the flavored snuff Clover you're in luck with this vaping liquid, manufactured by the Spanish company Essenz. You can find vaping without nicotine fluids with different mg, of course at the best price in your trusted Grow Shop
    4,01 €
  • The atomizer is an essential element in an electronic cigarette, you can now find the spare atomizer CE4 +, one of the most extensive in the world. This atomizer can be disassembled for convenient and effective cleaning. Available in various colors.
    4,50 €
  • Windy Practice to support your electronic cigarette on any smooth surface, is compatible with all models except the Mini. Available in colors: Green, Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, White and Red.
    1,20 €
  • In this section you can find glass globes (domer), an dubber, a hook made ​​of surgical steel which serves to catch the different cannabis concentrates conveniently , besides screws manufactured in different materials. ACCESSORIES: -Borosilicate Globe14mm for bongs. -Borosilicate Globe18mm for bongs. -Nail borosilicate, is a...
    3,00 €
  • BubbleBag. The original and best known BubbleBag in different sizes and sets of bags. The BubbleBag contain 3 bags 1 bag of 25 micron, 1 73 and 1 of 220 microns and includes a drying screen and a bag to store Bubblebags. The 4 bag kit contains a work bag, a contaminant removal bag, and two crystal collection bags. It also includes a pressing screen and...
    110,00 €
  • Replacement battery for eGo electronic cigarettes, with a capacity of 650mA. This standard eCig battery allows us to store it in our case with our eGo and change the original battery whenever it runs out of power, so we can continue vaporizing. Just screw it to the CE4 claromizer and enjoy your favourite eLiquids.
    11,00 €
  • Replacement claropmizer for eGo electronic cigarettes. This part is screwed to the battery, and once filled up with the desired eCig liquid is responsible for vaporizing the essence, with or without nicotine. It is ideal to replace a damaged or old one, or for those who want to have a claromizer for each flavor.
    3,00 €
  • eGo electronic cigarette set, ideal as a daily companion, allowing you to consume your eCig liquids in a simple and effective way. Its operation is very simple, since we only have to fill up the claromizer with our favorite eCig liquid , screw the charged battery and ready. Unlock it by pressing the button 5 times in a row, then hold it down to warm and...
    22,00 €
  • Atomizer CE10 + allowed to be removed to a more comfortable and effective cleaning. You can change only the inner part of the atomizer, for better efficiency and more economical maintenance. Definitely a great choice for users who want the best for vaping. Atomizer large capacity: 2.4ml
    7,01 €
  • Now you can discover on the Piensa En Verde Grow Shop, Atomizer MT3. This device is characterized by an interchangeable resistance located at its base, so that it is always wet. It is available in different colors, and has an elongated window so you can control the amount of liquid it contains. Compatible with ESSENZ batteries.
    7,01 €

We are pleased to present products in this section related to the marijuana world, pot storage, pollen extraction systems, precision scales, drying mesh, vaporizers, skinning machines, pipes, books, dvd and a very discreet pots that allow us to transport the weed discreet way ...

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