Bloom Strong Los Ridella


Efecto Mineral

Efecto Mineral
Regulador de pH

Regulador de pH

Regulador de pH

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Bloom Strong Los Ridella Ver grande

Descripción - Bloom Strong Los Ridella

We are pleased to introduce to Piensa en Verde, BLOOM STRONG, an additive high quality of the house LOS RIDELLA.

BLOOM STRONG is a product specially designed to be used as an additive, and strengthening the performance in your cultivation of marijuana, acting naturally, mainly in the metabolic system of your plant, because a good metabolism begins and strongly influences the vegetative cycle and downstream.

With it you get successful harvests, increased productivity, stability in the growing process, you will turn your plant covering, face problems in the environment and can cause stress, reinforcing to resist such situations.

Boost nutraceutical and organoleptic qualities, buds, roots, stems, leaves and buds.

In its composition we find plant extracts, organic acids, minerals, trace elements, selenium, molybdenum, (Fe, Ti, etc.), substances which are absorbed by your plant through its metabolism, physiology, and distributed as required in each zone where necessary. This process triggers the development of the stem, fruit, buds with lots of sugar, flavor and aroma.

is a highly concentrated and economical for high performance, for increased productivity you can combine with PK + STRONG product.

Significantly, it is a very versatile product that can be used both in various types of cultivation and irrigation, will not leave residue or obstruction, and its composition is chlorine free.

Get optimum performance and bloom in your cultivation of cannabis with BLOOM STRONG, available at the best price on your confidence grow shop !!!

Más información - Bloom Strong Los Ridella

Dosage of the product:
It is indicated for use in flowering stage, roots or by foliar spraying system.
In the weeks 1, 2, 3 flowering, added 0.5 ml of product per liter of water.
In weeks 4th, 5th, and 6th flowering phase include to irrigation water 0.75 ml per liter of water.
To complete the process in weeks 7, 8 and 9 of flowering add 1 ml of product per liter of water used in irrigation.

Datos - Bloom Strong Los Ridella

marca Los Ridella Los Ridella
propiedades regulador de pH regulador de pH
composición Mineral Mineral

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