Growing Kit Black Gold Ultimate Bioprotect

Fertilizantes orgánicos

Fertilizantes orgánicos

Fertilizantes orgánicos






Formato Kit

Formato Kit

Formato Kit
Para todo el ciclo

Para todo el ciclo

Para todo el ciclo


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Oferta! Growing Kit Black Gold Ultimate Bioprotect Ver grande


We are pleased to introduce to Piensa en Verde, Black Gold Ultimate Pack, a fabulous kit Bioprotect home, you can now purchase in your confidence grow shop, at best price !!!

This wonderful kit has everything you need for natural growth cycle of 12 plants with 5 products that provide a good stage from start to finish.

You can activate the metabolic system and accelerate it, in turn you prevent stress media.

You will have high productivity in culture since reinforces the plant metabolism and enzyme production.

BLACK GOLD GROW & BLOOM products are high quality and unique in the market because they have characteristics other fertilizers have not, and are rigorously studied to meet every need in your culture to make it succeed.

These aforementioned products contain humic extract, amino acids, seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, plant hormones, natural substances that will enrich your growing marijuana.

The pack contains:

Black Gold Grow & Bloom (2x500ml)
Natural liquid fertilizer derived from humus, with a stable NPK, amino acids, humic acids, fithormonas, inciting the lush growth.

PH Controller (1x 500ml)
Highly water soluble derivative of nitric acid, the product ensures a stable pH, and if not in value regulates up to the indicated to provide proper growth.

Root Stimulator (1x 125ml)
Rich in calcium, product stability will manufacture CYTOQUININAS hormones, auxins and gibberellins, facing stress, promotes rooting.

Booster (1x 125ml)
Incite the full flowering stage, giving flowers and fruits of great character with good size, density, thickness scent and flavor.

Más información

Dosage and method of use:

Black Gold Grow & Bloom:
You must administer every 14 days, first weeks of vegetative growth cycle 1, 2, 3, 5 ml per liter of water, then flowering stage adds 7 ml of product per liter of water for five weeks every 14 days.

Root Stimulator (rooting):
Add 2.5 ml of product per liter of water every 3-4 days during the first 2 weeks.

Booster (stimulator flowering):
Incorporates 5 ml of product per liter of water 2 times a week in the past 5 weeks of planting.

Controller PH (pH controller):
Apply ph controller to desired pH in water.
You should range from 5.5 to 6.5.


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propiedades formato kit formato kit
fase de cultivo Para todo el ciclo Para todo el ciclo
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